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The Basics of Survival Gear

When you are not prepared you are putting yourself at a disadvantage when an emergency happens. There are people who wait until after a disaster has happened, or at least until it is upon them to start preparing. A way to see this is action is to look at the store lines when a storm is coming. In order to start preparation get a paper and make a list of what is needed. You may need to make a list for both a home emergency or one on the road while traveling.

A lot of what you need is already at your home so preparing for an emergency there may be easier. You will find having things like toiletries, a toilet, bed, and blankets at home already helps with the preparation. If you have a source of power that is off grid, like solar or wind, then you are at an advantage there as well. There are also energy kits you can use for your power. Packing your basic necessities and even a power source is important if you know you will be traveling. Your necessities will need to rest in a waterproof and lightweight bag that can house all of your traveling emergency needs. Some basic survival gear will be a water bottle, bags of emergency food, a compass, and a first aid kit.

Even though it is good to have some simple snacks, you really need to have emergency food packages. These foods last a long time and are made for emergencies. You may need to use water to re-hydrate your food as well as to drink it. A water bottle with a filter is important if you do not have access to clean drinking water where you are. If you are at home then it is important to store as much clean, filtered water as possible. There are filtered straws to drink natural water if there is no other way to store water.
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In case someone in your party or yourself gets hurt it is important to have a first aid kit. Injury or illness is even more deadly in the time of an emergency. If you are at home then try to get the largest first aid kit you can with many different supplies and medications. Your first aid bag will need to have the most important supplies that you can carry in your bag if you are traveling. Do not forget things like scissors and a flashlight as those are needed in first aid.
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A hand powered radio will keep you up to date on the emergency. You can find flashlights that work this was as well. Anything that is waterproof and uses human energy to power itself will be useful survival gear.

With your preparation your emergency experience will be smoother than if you had not been prepared. Even though no one wants to think about themselves in an emergency, it is important to have your survival gear ready for the time you may need it.