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The Marvelous Douglas DC-3: A Plane to Behold

Do you have an interest in planes, particularly those of historical value? If so, then chances are, you have heard of the Douglas Dc-3 plane. By all accounts, the Douglas Dc-3 is an airliner that is fixed-wing and propeller driven. And accordingly, it is an aircraft that has the main purpose of transporting mainly passengers, as well as cargo. The Douglas dc-3 is an airline that is one of the oldest and still in use today. And as such, the Douglas DC-3 is one of the most significant airliners or transport aircrafts ever made up to this day.

The Douglas DC-3 completely revolutionized air transport in the 1930’s and 1940’s, along with its counterparts the Curtis T-32 and the Boeing 247. But unlike these other counterparts, the Douglas dc-3 completely overshadowed all of its competitors. The Douglas DC-3 is one of the few models that were considered sleek and are all metal airliners. And more than 80 years after its initial flight, the Douglas dc-3 is still in service after it was introduced while it’s counterparts were long gone. Up to today, there are still an estimated few hundred Douglas dc-3s’s flying today.

Before the Douglas Dc-3, there was the Douglas dc-2, and the former was a more improved version of the latter. The Douglas dc-3 is capable of operating on runways that have only a short distance, and it is also a fast aircraft with a good range. Not only that, the Douglas dc-3 was easy to maintain, and provided great comfort for its passengers. Some of the used air travel routes nowadays were also paved by the Douglas dc-3. And by crossing the united states, the Douglas dc-3 enabled a lot of transcontinental and worldwide flights today. The Douglas dc-3 most of all, was the first airliner that proved that you could make money solely by carrying passengers via plane.

The Douglas dc-3 has also already made its appearance in popular culture. The fictional character James Bond once piloted a Douglas dc-3 airliner in one of its movie franchises. And also, Indiana Jones, a fictional character/ explorer hopped on one, in one of his movies. And today, the Douglas dc-3 even stars in a reality TV show.

Despite having its first flight way back in December 17, 1935, the Douglas dc-3 still finds daily use in a wide variety of specialized roles. Most third world military forces still see the daily use of the Douglas dc-3 to commercially transport passengers as well as cargos, and also use the plane in particularly bushy areas of the back country. The reason for this being that the Douglas Dc-3 operates with a relatively inexpensive cost, and also able to perform even in rough fields. Despite these features, the Douglas dc-3 is able to operate requiring little maintenance.

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