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New York is the business and education hub of America and has a wide network of educational institutions. In a business world, applications of animation are used for the purpose of advertising goods and services. The field of computer animation is an engaging and competitive one. They receive public funding per student, causing the lawmakers concern over computer animation school a possible redefinition of home schools. After the vote, Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart vowed to take swift and appropriate” action to stop or block the opening of the school. Already about 300 families have applied for their children to attend, and the school can accept another 300 students, according to Sharon Hayes, head of the school.

The courses available for 3D animation are animation 3D, 3D animation, Advance 3D animation etc. In this article the writer is telling about various 3d animation courses in Bangalore after 12th, writer is also emphasis on the 3d animation courses in Delhi and 3d animation courses in Mumbai for help to all Indian 12th pass out students. There are many other advantages of computer animation.

Some schools will also offer short-term certification within the field of animation. There are various fields in animation that a student can go for after 12th standard. They are creating some great animation films and videos.

The computer can speed up both the creative process of animating characters as well as the time it takes to get a film or TV show to the screen. One of the largest and fastest growing areas within the computer graphics and animation field is in the area of computer games.

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