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How to Get Affordable Art Painting The advent of the internet has changed most art customers. Where often in the past, consumers are intimidated by the elitism and extortionate prices of artworks, we now find ourselves in a much more diverse market. Today, one need to visit an art gallery and choose from among its array of expensive painting because you can even buy art works direct from the artists themselves online. This has resulted into art galleries’ buying affordable paintings so that they can show the benefits of physically interacting with the art work and the artist behind it. While buying a piece of art falls over how well the catalyst conveys the subject, the color, the style, and the artists himself, the medium of communicating them now resides under these two channels, the physical and the virtual. There are advantages and disadvantages to both media. It might be easy to get best deals on art works today, whether physical or virtual, but the question to ask first is if it will fit the place where you will put it. Wherever you will use the art work, to decorate your house or office or to give it as a gift, it is important to determine this first so that it can be put to great use. Whereas before people collect art works, consumers don’t lean towards that end anymore. This means that its value is for the reason that it is rare and an original work of a famous artist. Hence we are talking about rarity, there is only one of its kind, very seldom does an artist paint the same subject twice. People today no longer seek for the rare art painting, but those that are of value to them as a user. Artists are not lacking today, but they are there for another purpose and that is to serve their niche market. Therefore the conventional idea that “everybody” wants to get hold of that one rare piece, induces people to buy it as an investment and these paintings are often seen in auctions.
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Judging art pieces by their value to you should always be done. You know what kind of art or paintings you like and you should choose accordingly. Judging does not anymore rest on its artist merits that makes the painting valuable, what is valuable today is how one can project the buyer by the kind of painting that he buys.
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You don’t have to buy an expensive rare masterpiece, it could only be an affordable painting done by someone you have never even heard of, but if you feel strong about it, and you just love the way it portrays its subject, and you are happy to see it hanging in your dwelling place, then you have just given yourself a good return on your investment.